Swiss Life Arena

The Swiss Life Arena is probably the most impressive ice rink in Switzerland. With a height of 26m, multifunctional effect spotlights with maximum performance and reliability are required. In addition, the lighting control system should on the one hand keep all possibilities open, also for future events, on the other hand extensive interfaces for external control units, tracking and video should be available. In addition, for safety reasons, backup and emergency options have a high priority.


The 36 high-performance moving lights used here reach every corner of the hall and can be positioned with centimeter precision. They are controlled by a lighting control system, which is also used on the biggest world tours and in complex TV shows such as the Eurovision Song Contest. Connected to the game server, fully automatic sequences can be triggered, e.g. when a goal is scored or during the break. Thanks to full network capability, network nodes, interfaces and backup solutions can be seamlessly integrated. The specialists at menzi ebz ag were able to provide optimum support to the integrator team at B+T Bild+Ton AG for this complex task and were available to answer questions throughout the entire process.

Used equipment:


12x Martin Professional MAC Ultra Performance
24x Martin Professional MAC Ultra Wash

1x MA Lighting grandMA3 compact XT
1x MA Lighting grandMA3 onPC rack-unit

3x Luminex Luminode 2
8x Luminex Luminode 4
1x Luminex Luminode 12

Conference Room:

6x Martin Professional ERA 600 Performance
2x Coemar Risalto LED M VariWhite PC
1x MA Lighting grandMA3 onPC commandwing XT