Since 2015, Newsroom Communication has been managing the production of stadium entertainment for BSC Young Boys' home games at the Wankdorf stadium. The in-house TV program can be seen on the two Giant Screens, the LED parapet walls and on the more than 300 TVs in the stadium concourse and VIP area.
The two giant screens, two LED parapet walls of 122 meters each and the more than 300 TVs in the stadium perimeter and in the VIP boxes are continuously fed with a varied infotainment program from the opening of the stadium until several hours after the match. The stadium direction switches from live TV pictures to advertisements of the YB partners and from YB communication measures to informative broadcasts of Radio Gelb-Schwarz. After the game, interviews with the players are conducted and the press conference with the two coaches is produced. Selected parts of the live program are also streamed live on YB's social media channels.